Recreational Vehicle

Motor Homes (Maximum Value of $500,000)

Motor homes are motor vehicles designed to provide living quarters and are permanently attached to a motor vehicle chassis or van

Motor Vehicle Home Requirements – ALL of the following must be permanently installed facilities:

  • Cooking

  • Refrigeration

  • Sleeping

  • Bathroom facilities (built-in & plumbed)

  • Self contained heating and/or air-conditioning

  • Drinkable water supply system

  • 110-125 volt electrical power system (including solar powered systems)


Travel Trailers (Maximum Value $300,0000)

Travel trailers and campers are non-motorized, portable units designed to be towed on public roads by a land motor vehicle and designed for recreational and camping use.

Travel Trailer Requirements – (Does not apply to horse and utility trailers)

  • Cooking

  • Sleeping

      Specialized Coverages


  • Disappearing Deductible Emergency Expense Fire Department Service Charge Coverage Medical Payment Coverage Pet Injury Coverage

  • Roadside Assistance Coverage

  • Trailer Coverage

  • Vacation Liability

  • Windshield Coverage

  • Replacement Cost Personal Effects Coverage

      Available Discounts


  • Advance Quote Discount

  • USAA Association Discount

  • Claim Free Renewal Discount

  • EFT Discount

  • Homeowner Discount

  • Multi Policy Discount

  • Original Owner Discount

  • Paid in Full Discount

  • Prompt Payment Discount

  • Responsible Driver Discount

  • Accident Forgiveness