Marine Assistance Providers, Towers and Salvors

The insurance needs of the commercial marine assistance tower and salvor are as unique as the industry itself. We pride ourselves in offering one of the most comprehensive quality insurance products designed specifically for these risks. You spend your days looking after others, we spend ours taking care of your needs.

       Key Coverage Features

  • Combined marine general liability, Hull and P&I in one policy by one insurance company

  • $1million per occurrence limit with separate/additional $1million Defense Costs Liability limit

  • $2million Products/Completed Operations limit

  • $1million Vessel Pollution limit for clean-up costs

  • $1million Protection and Indemnity limit for diving coverage for crew members

  • Passenger liability automatically included (up to 6 passengers)

  • Coverage available for salvage equipment and tools

      Additional Coverage Options

  • Property, including both building and contents

  • Docks and piers

  • Excess liability

  • Maintenance and Cure for owner operators