Diving Contractors

Coverages for all your needs, including Workers’ Compensation for all exposures associated with commercial diving contractor’s operations. Coverages are not limited to diving, but also include marine construction and shoreside construction.

        Program Highlights

  • Workers Compensation coverage for all your needs, including State Act, Jones Act, and USL&H coverage

    • State Act: Diving/Tendering while on non-navigable waters such as ponds, tanks, reservoirs, some rivers and lakes

    • USL&H: Diving/Tendering from fixed platforms or shore while on navigable waters

    • MEL: Diving/Tendering from vessels on navigable waters

  • Basic limits of $1,000,000 for all non-statutory coverages

  • General Liability Insurance. Primary limits of $1,000,000, excess limits up to $100,000,000

  • Includes Products Liability and Completed Operations, Gulf of Mexico Extension, Sudden and Accidental Pollution, Employee Benefits Liability, Blanket Additional Insureds, Blanket Contractual and Waiver of Subrogation


  • All kinds of vessels covered including, but not limited to workboats, barges, DSVs and submersibles

  • Includes Excess Collision and Tower’s Liability, Cargo Liability and Pollution Liability originating from vessels

      Other Features

  • Equipment coverage

  • Coverage while in the water, onboard vessels, in transit by any mode of transport and while in storage

  • Includes coverage for leased/rented equipment

  • Replacement cost coverage available on select items

  • Extra Expense and Loss of Business Income coverage

  • Competitive premium finance handling available