• Agreed value hull coverage

  • Protection & Indemnity

  • Liability extended to crew

  • Jones act

  • Fuel Spill liability

  • Hurricane haul-out

  • Salvage and wreck removal

  • Fishing equipment / Personal effects coverage

  • Uninsured boater

  • Broad navigational limits

Charter Vessel

Our namesake was derived from the coordinates of our home office in Morehead City, nicknamed “Fisherman’s Paradise.” Naturally charter vessels are important to our economy and a big portion of our insureds. So whether you are a small business owner who turned a hobby into a part-time business, or have a lifetime of charter fishing under your belt, we can craft a policy that covers all of your unique needs. While you may be talented at the helm of a boat, navigating the choppy waters of maritime insurance can be a challenge. Let us lend you a hand.


  • Overland transit

  • Shoreside liability

  • Loss of charter hire and/or charter reimbursement

  • Marine environmental damage